Here is where you can take a look at some of the interesting photos and videos we have taken so far. Most of these are from the summer of 2004, though there are also some taken from earlier summer sessions as well. Walter, Valerie and Marie took most of these.


Photos - All of these pictures were taken in the summer of 2004, during the first summer of the e-Kaqchikel project. Some were taken by Walter and some by Valerie and Marie. They are loosely organized in the following manner:

Around Antigua

Around Panajachel

Around Tecpán

People from Oxlajuj Aj and the Project

- These are the beginning video shoots, also from the summer of 2004. They are a sample of what we have taken so far and what we have planned for the application. Lee has put these together for our viewing.

Xseqër k'a | Morning Greeting

Xqa q'il k'a | Afternoon Greeting

Xokoq'a k'a | Evening Greeting

Janpe e k'o? | How many?

Ruwaäch Ichaj | Vegetables

Los Cómicos | The Funny Ones