Welcome to the e-Kaqchikel project website. The goal of the project is the development of a technology-based program as an introduction to Kaqchikel Maya language and culture.

The project evolved from a desire by the Stone Center for Latin American Studies to create technology-based teaching materials based on the intensive summer institute on Kaqchikel Maya language and culture, Oxlajuj Aj, founded and currently organized by Judith Maxwell, linguist and cultural anthropologist at Tulane University. Maxwell’s course methodology is based on the use of content-based second language instruction informed by the contextual exploration of basic forms of Kaqchikel Maya culture and cultural expression.

The e-Kaqchikel project employs the use of this methodology as the core of the instructional design. The intent of the project is to create an interactive teaching and learning tool that is primarily driven by visual and spoken material therefore primary activities of the project team include filming, photographing, audio recording, and programming.










Ütz apetik ok chupam ri rukemak'ojlib'al Kaqchikel richin ri Samajib'äl Stone pa ri Nimatijob'äl Tulane.

Takuyu' qamak. Majani xojtiïr nqaya' ri kowansaniik pa Kaqchikel ch'ab'äl, pa kaxlan tzij. Re samaj re' k'a k'o na chi qawäch apo. Yojajin chrij re jun samaj re'.

Bienvenidos al sitio de red de E-Kaqchikel del Centro Stone de Estudios Latínoamericanos de la universidad de Tulane.

Este sitio de red todavía esta de plan en desarollo, Sentimos la falta de traducionnes, tanto al Kaqchikel como al castellano. Nos hace falta todavía, pero estamos por hacerlo lo mas antes posible.